Vakkundig beheer van uw ICT-omgeving

Are you looking to hand over your ICT, or are you looking for a specialist in fitness and health that can be of service in that matter? We will help you by putting the ICT structure together, or fine-tune your current structure. We take care of all the ICT support you might need, we will support you with a service desk, ready to answer all your questions.
Control of your ICT
Control Plus can take ICT management out of your hands, by making sure your network will remain trouble-free. We monitor servers and will notice any problems timely. Moreover, in most cases our ICT support will be able to solve your problems at distance.
ICT service desk
Do you have any queries about ICT, or does one of your employees have a problem? We offer an ICT service desk that has excellent access. This is how we support your ICT and provide a clear answer to any questions you might have. We make sure that you are able to continue your work immediately, or resolve the problem you are experiencing.
Personal advice?

Why use Control Plus ICT support?

  • Specialist in fitness and health
  • Experts in managing your ICT environment
  • ICT service desk that fits your ICT needs

Well-suited for various sectors

Control Plus is well-suited for various specific sectors and industries. Are you active in the field of corporate health, physiotherapy or do you own a gym? Among others, many personal trainers and gyms are happily using our system, which helps them to organize their administration and maximize their customer lifetime value. Choose for the simplicity of our easy-to-use system, combined with the elaborate features Control Plus has to offer. Raise your organization to the next level, while you can return focus to the matters that make you excel.
Through our new website we have welcomed a large group of new customers

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Satisfied clients

Control Plus has already convinced a large number of clients, and we would like to share some of these cases with you. These organizations are fully satisfied using our easy-to-use online administration software, enabling them to focus completely on their specific core business.

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It is clear to me!

Is it clear to you that Control Plus can offer you major advantages? Do you wish to keep an online record of your administration from now on and use professional features you can easily manage? You can request your demo online, and we will make sure you can start as soon as possible.

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I have some more questions…

Do you have some more questions about Control Plus, one of the modules or about the advantages they may offer your organization? We understand that the full potential of our online administration software might be a little overwhelming, and would like to hear from you to elaborate a little more personally…

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